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In the outermost southern part of Åland lies the archipelago of Kökar, consisting of one larger island surrounded by thousands of smaller ones. The main island has a population of about 250 and has been inhabited for about 3000 years. The first habitants were presumably seal hunters. The waters of Kökar have always been rich in fish and where there's fish there are seals. Fishing has been the main industry for hundreds of years. The natives would sail to the fish markets in Stockholm and Turku to sell their catch and trade it for goods they needed. People have always been self-reliant here.

Kökar is also known for the Franciscus monastery that stood here during medieval times. Today the Franciscan days are held every year in july to celebrate the saint.

🚲 Bicycle tours to Kökar

Noble grey hues among the islands Bronze age remains in Otterböte Arhcipelago night, picture: VisitFinland Mirror calm, picture: VisitFinland Kökar church, picture: Jenni Avéllan-Jansson Curious lamb at the culture trail, picture: Jenni Avéllan-Jansson View of Kökar, picture: Jenni Avéllan-Jansson


What most of all attracts visitors to Kökar today is the stunning nature, composed of barren rocks with pockets of lushy forests, wild fields and protected bays for swimming. On some islands you can find the delicious cloudberries growing.

The sea and the ices have shaped the terrain during millions of years and created many beautiful and interesting geological formations. The most famous of these is the cauldron of Källskär, believed to have been shaped during the ice age.

Interested in experiencing nature close-up? Rent a kayak or go on a seal safari! The seals are curious animals and will often pop their heads above the surface close to the boat to take a peek at visitors.

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Hamnö Kökar

Kökar by boat

Kökar has three marinas, all with space for 50-60 boats. Hotel Brudhäll maintains the Karlby Marina with a supermarket and café nearby.

Sandvik Marina in Vervan is located close to the Kökar church and Kalen nature trail. Awarded as best marina in Finland 2016.

The Sea Pavilion maintains the Hellsö Marina with a minimarket, miniature golf and the Kökar museum close by.

⛵️ Visitors marinas

Directions to Kökar

From Eckerö

Buses depart to Mariehamn from Berghamn where the Eckerö Linjen ships arrive from Sweden. The bus takes 40 minutes.

From Mariehamn

Buses depart from the bus lot next to the city library, going to Långnäs harbour. From here the ferries on the Southern Line make their way through the archipelago to Kökar. The bus takes about 1 hour to Långnäs. The ferry takes about 2,5 hours to Kökar and is free for passengers without a vehicle. There is a café onboard.

🚌 Bus schedule Mariehamn - Långnäs

From Föglö and Sottunga

The ferries on the Southern Line depart from Långnäs harbour and stops by Överö in northern Föglö and Sottunga on their way eastwards to Kökar. The ferries are free for passengers without a vehicle and there is a café onboard. From Föglö the trip takes about 2 hours and from Sottunga 1,5 hours.

From Finland

From Galtby in Finland the ferries on the Southern Line depart for Långnäs harbour, stopping by many islands in the archipelago, the first being Kökar. The trip from Finland takes 2,5 hours. The ferry is free for passengers without a vehicle and there is a café onboard..

🛳 Ferry to Kökar


🛒 Groceries: Kökarbutiken

🛒 Groceries: Sandvik Butikin

⛽️ Fuel: Sandvik Marina

🚕 Taxi: There is no taxi on Kökar