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Biking through Finland's and Åland's archipelago

Starting in Turku

This tour is made for those who want to experience a lot of nature and islands. You start the journey from Turku and bike through the archipelago of Finland before island hopping to the northern Åland archipelago for continued biking among islands, skerries, seals and ferries.

On the trip you will be accommodated in cosy guesthouses and hotels on different islands. You will also pass through the main Åland island and visit historic sights, such as the Kastelholm castle before arriving in port town Mariehamn. From there you continue trough the southern Åland archipelago to the famous island of Kökar for an overnight visit. Next day another ferry takes you to Galtby and you continue by bike to Nagu, staying there for one day before heading back to Turku. Naantali Spa Hotel can be added as a luxurious break on this tour!

Electric bikes are available for this tour

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🛏 Double rooms

☕️ Breakfast

🚲 7 geared bike

💼 Panniers

🗺 Tailored tour itinerary

☀️ 6 days

🌒 5 nights


🔋 Electric bike

Seal safari

🛏 Naantali Spa Hotel

Day 1

Turku to Velkuanmaa

Your trip begins in Turku, where you collect your bikes. Bike bags and repair kits are included, as well as bike helmets if you want. After a short bike leg you arrive in Naantali, where you can visit historical sights such as The Naantali Church or Louhisaari Manor.

The trip continues to Teersalo along bike lanes, country roads and across four small bridges. In Teersalo you can enjoy lunch while waiting for you ferry.

The Teersalo ferry brings you to the tiny island Palva and on the other side of the island another ferry to Velkuanmaa, where you stay for a night in a hotel.

Picture: Visit Naantali

Day 2


Ferry back to Teersalo and then another ferry to Hakkenpää. From here you will have some very nice biking to Vuosnainen in Kustavi, where you take an island ferry to Åva in Brändö in Åland. On the way you can make a detour to visit the Kustavi museum or the strange boulders called "Caves of Jeremiah". As an extra you can book a seal safari for when you arrive in Åva, to go out by boat and take a look at the big and small critters, and enjoy dinner in the wild.

In Brändö you will be accommodated in double rooms at Hotel Gullvivan.

Seal safari

Day 3


The morning ferry from Brändö to Vårdö takes about 2h30m through beautiful waters and stop by several smaller islands. From the harbour in Vårdö you'll have some biking before you reach the Bomarsund ruins, where you can visit the open air museum in what was once a mighty Russian fortress.

A few moments more in the saddle and you arrive at the Kastelhol castle, which is one of the most popular sights in Åland. During summer season a guided tour is included in your entry ticket. This is a good spot for lunch. After the castle you continue up north to Kvarnbo, to check in at a nice guesthouse.

🏰 Kastelholms slott

Day 4

Mariehamn & Kökar

You begin the day with a proper breakfast and start biking to the south for the town of Mariehamn. Here you will find many cafés and restaurants to choose between for your lunch. In Mariehamn you must visit the Maritime Museum and the old tall ship Pommern, docked right next to the museum. Sailing and maritime life is the very core of the local culture in Åland.

After seeing Mariehamn you will bike to the port of Långnäs, where a ferry will bring you to Kökar in the outern archipelago. The ferry cruises between islands for three hours and you'll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the view before reaching Kökar and biking to Klobbars Guesthouse. On the way you can stop for dinner in Karlby or at Havspaviljongen.

⚓️ Maritime Museum

Day 5

Kökar & Nagu

During the day you can explore the hiking trail Kalen as well as the medieval stone church and monastery ruins in Hamnö. Later you board a ferry going eastward to Galtby in Korpo.

More about Kökar...

From here you continue biking until you reach Nagu, where you will be accommodated at a splendid hotel. In Nagu you can visit the huts by the marina, the Maritime House or the Westerholm trail.

More about Nagu...

Day 6

Nagu to Turku

ExtraNaantali Spa Hotel

Ferry from Nagu to Hanka in the morning after breakfast. Afterwards you will bike in direction Naantali. Stop by in Herrankukkaro for some fun outdoor games and challenges!

Right before coming back to Naantali you can make a small detour to visit the gardens of Gullranda castle, which is the summer estate of the President of Finland. Guided tours of the garden can be booked for the afternoon.

⛲️ Gullranda Garden

The trip continues through Naantali back to Åbo, the same way in which you came.

For a truly outstanding experience, you can stay in Spa Hotel Naantali for the night before going back to Åbo. This luxurious spa has been awarded Finland's best hotel in 2019 and offers many options of pools, saunas, spas and restaurants.

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