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Adults €379

Kids 4-12 €259

🛏 3 nights

🚴🏻‍♀️ 128 km

The Archipelago Trail

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This special bike tour - called the Archipelago Trail - brings you through the Finnish archipelago around Turku, Nådendal, Gustavs, Korpo and Nagu. Idyllic island roads are combined with the blue ferries steaming between the various islands. After starting in Turku your first stop will be old spa town Nådendal (Naantali) - rich in history and with beautiful small streets. From there the journey continues through islands, over bridges, and by ferry to the tiny island Velkuanmaa for your first night in a hotel.

Day two you'll bike through Gustavs (Kustavi) on the mainland and continue at an easy pace to Iniö to spend the evening and night in a guesthouse.

On the third day you hop on yet another ferry to biking paradise Houtskär and cross three islands connected by bridge and ferries, continuing to the village Korpo, where you'll sleep in a nice Bed & Breakfast.

On the fourth and last day you'll pedal to small harbour town Nagu (Nauvo). From there you'll either take a bike ferry straight back to Turku in the afternoon, or another ferry to bike across the islands Rimito and Otava back to Nådendal and then Turku.


🚲 7-24 geared bike

We have a variety of high quality 7-geared, 21-geared and 24-geared bicycles for you to choose from. Our brands are Helkama, Crescent and Tunturi. We also have single speed bikes if you fancy.

If you travel with your own bicycle we will give a discount on the price.

⛴ Ferry Nagu - Turku

You can also select the Nauvo - Hanka ferry if you want to bike some extra miles.

🛏 Double rooms

Accommodation in double rooms at hotels and guesthouses. Showers and bathrooms in separate buildings.

☕️ Breakfast

Breakfast is included in all accommodations.

💼 Panniers

Bike panniers with a capacity of 20 litres are included. Your empty bags can be kept by the renter when you collect the rental bikes.

🧺 Bed linen

Clean sheets and fresh towels are provided at every accommodation, so you don't have to bring this.

🗺 Tour itinerary

Our itinerary is sent to you as a PDF document, specially formatted to be easy to use on any smart phone. The itinerary contains your route description, map links to all important and interesting places, and all ferry departures you need to mind to travel between islands.

📆 Travel calendar

We send you a digital travel calendar that you can easily add to your telephone to remind you of important times and places. The calendar works on every model of telephone.

☀️ 4 days

🌒 3 nights

🚴🏻‍♂️ Biking: 128km

Day 1: 47km biking

Day 2: 30km biking

Day 3: 33km biking

Day 4: 24km biking

Day 1: 47km

Turku - Velkuanmaa

This bike tour starts in Turku. Ferries to Turku depart from Stockholm and Mariehamn. From Helsinki you can reach Turku by flight, train or bus.

If you're into history or culture there is much of interest to see here in the old capitol of Finland before you start biking. From Turku you pedal westward to the historic township of Naantali (Nådendal). On the shore is the best hotel in Finland - Naantali Spa. If you wish to stay here one night and relax before continuing your trip we can reserve a room for you. Sights in Naantali include the beautiful harbour, the Moomin World for the kids and an impressive old church.

From Naantali you continue over bridges and islands to Teersalo, where you take a couple of ferries out to Velkuanmaa to stay at an island hotel.

Turku kyrka, picture: Timo Oksanen Aura river in Turku Nådendal harbour, picture: VisitNaantali Example of included bicycle Nådendal, picture: VisitNaantali Nådendal archipelago, picture: VisitNaantali Picture: Juho Kuva Turku archipelago Vaihela ssland hotel

Day 2: 30km

Gustavs & Iniö

After breakfast at the island hotel you take a ferry to Hakkenpää on the mainland. Today you will be biking through Tövsala and Kaitanen before taking a ferry to the island Jumo. For some extra biking you can vist Gustavs, have lunch in Osnäs and visit the archipelago museum there. In Tövsala there is a military museum to visit.

From Jumo you continue to Iniö, where you'll be accommodated in a B&B. This island has a restaurant, a café and a marina - as well as the tiny block and tackle museum. The nicest sight is the 17th century church - named after Swedish princess Sophia Wilhelma.

Velkuanmaa The ferry Kaita brings you to Hakkenpää Kaitainen bridge Stop for lunch at Peterzens Boathouse Boat houses in Iniö, picture: Roy Lindman Block museum, picture: Katri Lehtola Iniö church

Day 3: 33km

Houtskär & Korpo

After breakfast you head on out to explore the tiny islands on your way to Korpo. Most of the day can be spent in the island Houtskär, with its small villages, museum and the old wooden church in Näsby, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In Mossala you can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or head out on the waters on a rental boat, kayak or stand up paddle board. Houtskär is famous for the many pretty boat houses and sailing traditions. In Näsby youäll find restaurants, cafés and a pizzeria.

Leaving Houtskär you take a road ferry to Korpo, where you'll stay in a nice B&B. There are several restaurants for your dinner and some optional extra biking to the Korpoström Archipelago Centre for a visit to their shoreline restaurant.

Houtskär, picture: Katri Lehtola Houtskär, picture: Katri Lehtola You'll travel by several ferries between islands, picture: Katri Lehtola Picture: Katri Lehtola Back Pocket restaurant in Korpo, picture: Rania Rönntoft Faffas B&B Faffas B&B Solvillan B&B Guest kitchen in Solvillan B&B

Day 4: 24km

Korpo - Nagu - Turku

From Korpo you continue by bike to the seaside town Nagu (Nauvo) - a true Finnish summer paradise and a popular destination along the Archipelago Trail. Among the sights you find the medieval greystone church, the Maritime House, the bustling maringa, nature trails - and of course the beach. We have alternative routes for those who want to do some extra biking and visit southern Nagu.

In the afternoon you'll board a bicycle ferry from Nagu and head back to central Turku. You can also opt for taking a ferry to Röölä and bike your way back to Turku from there.

Nagu medieval church, picture: Juho Kuva Nagu medieval church, picture: Juho Kuva Church hill in Nagu, picture: Sofia Ek Nagu beach, picture: Tero Tuomisto Drone photo of beach, picture: Tero Tuomisto Nagu marina, picture: Jarina Leskinen Nagu archipelago, picture: Benjamin Donner Your ship back to Turku Travel itinerary and travel calendar on your phone is included

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Picture: Jarina Leskinen