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Bike around the Åland Islands in 3 days

This is the best value for money bicycle tour you can find in the Åland Islands, allowing you three days to discover the port town of Mariehamn, the archipelago and the most famous sights.

You will start in the town Mariehamn, where you have the opportunity to visit the impressive tall ship Pommern. From Mariehamn you bike across the largest of the Åland islands and board a ferry with your bikes to the harbour village Degerby to spend the first night in the historic tavern Enigheten.

The next morning you continue on bike through the Föglö islands and jump on your next ferry, which takes you to the island of Kumlinge in the middle of the archipelago. From Kumlinge you continue by ferry to Vårdö, where you will stay one night in a cottage by the sea.

The biggest sights are saved for last! On your way back to Mariehamn you can visit The Bomarsund fortress ruins as well as the ancient Kastelholm castle. Your last night will be spent in relaxing hotel rooms and you can sample the restaurants and nightlife of Mariehamn.


🛳 Ferry to Åland

🛏 Night in B&B

🏡 Night in cottage

🏨 Night in hotel

☕️ Breakfast

🚲 3-geared bike

💼 Panniers

🗺 Tour programme

Day 1: Mariehamn - Föglö

1. Mariehamn

The ships from Finland and Sweden ferrys arrive in the western harbour of Mariehamn. Your bikes are waiting for you by the ferry terminal. A short ride from the terminals, the tall ship Pommern is moored, next to the Åland Maritime Museum. This four masted, steel-hulled ship has been preserved from the beginning of the 20th century, before Ålandic sea trade modernized to combustion engines. If you want to start biking straight away you can save the sights in Mariehamn for the last day of the tour instead.

⚓️ Åland Maritime Museum

2. Mariehamn - Degerby

You will head north through Mariehamn and continue 30km east across the "main" island until you reach the harbour of Svinö. On your way you will pass the Lemström canal, built by the Russians. The bridge opens once an hour to let sailing boats pass. If you arrive during the bridge opening you can eat an ice cream while you watch the boats sail past in the channel.

From Svinö the ferry M/S Skarven takes you and your bikes to Degerby in Föglö. The ferry departs 9-12 times daily and takes about 25 minutes between ports. There is a café onboard.

3. Degerby

In Degerby you can visit the tiny Föglö museum nearby the ferry pier. There is a supermarket nearby, as well as marinas and a miniature golf track. A hundred meters away you will find Restaurant Seagram, famous among locals and visitors for their seafood buffet and á la carte. They also serve pizzas with a very local touch.

The most interesting part of Degerby is the historical tavern and courthouse Enigheten, where you will also spend your first night, in historically decorated rooms. Enigheten was founded as a tavern for sailors in the 17th century, by orders of the Swedish king. In modern times, the buildings were renovated to continue as a guesthouse and restaurant to this day.

Day 2: Kumlinge and Vårdö

1. Överö

After waking up with a breakfast buffet in Enigheten you continue on bike throughout the Föglö islands to the northern harbour of Överö. The road is sparesely trafficked and takes you along crop fields and through forests. Two bridges and a cable ferry connect the islands. There is a hiking trail in Jyddö you can visit on the way.

Ferries from Långnäs stop in Överö to pick you up on their way to Kumlinge. The trip takes about an hour.

2. Kumlinge

Your route passes several beautiful bays with good chances of seeing swans and other birds. I Kumlinge you can visit the beautiful church, with paintings preserved from the middle ages. You can also make a visit to the island of Seglinge to play discgolf or to the island of Enklinge to visit the old archipelago homestead Hermas.

3. Vårdö

From the north of Kumlinge you board a ferry to Hummelvik in Vårdö. Continuing by bike you make it about 8km north to Sandösund. You will stay one night in a cottage by a peaceful bay. If you have extra time and energy you can make a detour to Simskäla and Stormskär in northern Vårdö. You will be served breakfast the next morning.

Day 3: Bomarsund, Kastelholm, Mariehamn

1. Vårdö to Bomarsund ruins

After breakfast you have about one hour of biking before reaching what is left of the Russian fortress in Bomarsund. Construction of the mighty stronghold was half completed when it was assaulted by Brittish and French forces in a huge naval battle. The attack succeeded and the victors blew up the entire fortress, leaving only rubble.

🎟 Free entry

2. Bomarsund to Kastelholm

This leg takes about 35 minutes on bike.

The Kastelholm castle is one of the most visited attractions in the Åland Islands. The first castle was built on the grounds in the 14th century and has hosted several Nordic kings, as well as been the prison for king Erik the 16th. The castle has been involved in various political conflicts during the ages and has burnt doen several times. There are several small museums nearby the castle, and afterwards you can enjoy a lunch in the Smakbyn restaurant nearby or continue to Mariehamn.

🎟 Castle entry: €6

3. Kastelholm to Mariehamn

From Kastelholm the country road continues southwards back to Mariehamn. The distance is 24,5km and takes about 1:30h on bike. On your way you'll cross a tall bridge and a short tunnel. After the tunnel you can make a stop by "Uffe on the hill" and have a coffee and enjoy the view of the straight.

After that you'll bike past farm fields and through small villages on your way to Mariehamn, where you will check in at the Strandnäs Hotel. The town center is a couple of kilometers from your hotel, with a good selection of restaurants and bars.

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