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Bicycle tour from Turku to Mariehamn and return by ship

This tour let's you see a lot of nature and a lot of islands! Starting in Turku, you bike to Naantali and then down to Nauvo for your first night. The next day you continue to Galtby by bike and from there by ferry to Kökar, an islands that both locals and tourists are very fond of. Here you stay one night in Klobbars Guesthouse.

After Kökar you go by ferry to visit Föglö and bike to the historic guesthouse Enigheten in the old port town Degerby. Depending on day of week you might have time for a visit to the island of Sottunga, which is the smallest municipality in Finland! After Föglö you continue biking acrosss Åland to visit the castle in Kastelholm. Your last day on Åland gives you time to sample some restaurants in Mariehamn and visit sights such as the tall ship Pommern.

This tour is also available with electric bicycles.

Picture: Visit Naantali


🛏 Double rooms

☕️ Breakfast

🚲 7 geared bike

💼 Panniers

🗺 Tailored tour itinerary

☀️ 5 days

🌒 4 nights


🔋 Electric bike

🌒 Extra night in Kökar

Day 1

Turku to Nauvo

Your trip begins in Turku, where you collect your bikes. Bike bags and repair kits are included, as well as bike helmets if you want. After a short bike leg you arrive in Naantali, where you can visit historical sights such as The Naantali Church or Louhisaari Manor.

From Nådendal you continue on the main road and turn south by Meripirtti. Biking continues down to Hanka ferry pier, where a ferry will take you to Nauvo, stopping at Själö on the way. In Nauvo you stay in comfortable double rooms at a nice hotel. Here you can take a stroll in the marina or go visit a restaurant.

If you do not wish to make the first leg on bike, you can take a ferry straight from Turku to Nauvo.

Foto: Visit Naantali

⛴ Ferry Hanka - Nauvo: €10

🛳 Ferry Turku - Nauvo: €30

Dag 2

Nauvo to Kökar

From Nauvo you bike for about 40 kilometres to Galtby and catch a ferry to the famous Kökar island. About half way through your biking you can stop for a coffee break in Pärnäs before continuing to Korpo. The journey to Kökar takes about 3 hours and you can enjoy beautiful views from the deck. There is a café onboard.

You arrive in Kökar in late afternoon and will bike through Karlby going to your accommodation in Klobbars Guesthouse. You can stay for dinner on the way, or go out to eat after checking in. If you already know you'll love Kökar, we suggest you add an extra night here, giving you plenty of time to visit sights such as Kälskär.

🛳 Ferry Galtby - Kökar: €6

🌒 Extra night in Kökar: €59

Day 3

Kökar to Föglö

After having breakfast you have the first part of the day to visit some sights in Kökar, such as the medieval stone church in Hamnö and the nearby monastery ruins. The church is close to the pier, where you board another island ferry to continue your trip to Föglö. After rolling ashore in Överö, you continue by bike through the Föglö islands until you reach the old port village of Degerby.

In Degerby you'll stay at the beautiful guesthouse Enigheten - built in the 18th century. They have a recently built sauna in classic style by the beach, where you can relax and watch boats sail past in the sound. Degerby is also host for the famous seaside restaurant Seagram.


Depending on which day you travel, you might have time to stop in the tiny island of Sottunga and eat lunch by the harbour. before you continue with the next ferry to Föglö.

Day 4


Today you'll leave the southern archipelago with a ferry from Degerby to Svinö. From there you have about 40km of biking in bike lanes, through villages and along forests and fields to reach Kastelholm. On your way you can visit the old captain's estate Pellas or the Önningeby museum. You'll also pass the Lemström canal, built by Russian prisoners. Just before the bridge over Färjsund you can stop for a coffee and enjoy the view over the sound.

A little more cycling and you arrive at the old royal castle at Kastelholm, built in the middle ages and the centre for several political conflicts throughout the ages. This is one of the most popular sights in Åland!

After visiting the castle you can have dinner at one of the nearby restaurants before you continue to the village of Kvarnbo and check in at a cosy guesthouse there.

🏰 Kastelholm castle

Day 5

Mariehamn - Turku

Today is your day to visit the town of Åland - Mariehamn. The Eastern port is a nice place to look at smaller boats belonging to Mariehamn residents, while enjoying a cold drink. Mariehamn also offers a great selection of restaurants and cafés, with something for most every taste and budget. The most interesting attractions here are the Maritime Museum and the impressive old sailing ship Pommern, both in the town's Western port.

Your ship back to Turku also departs from the Western port, in the afternoon. On board you can enjoy the stunning scenery and see if you can recognize the islands you've toured by bicycle as you pass them again on the way back.

⚓️ Åland Maritime Museum

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