◀︎ Bike tours

Adults €179

Kids 4-12 €79

🛏 1 night

🚴🏻‍♀️ 174 km

Overnight visit to Föglö

With this package you will bike through the countryside of Åland before taking an island ferry out to Föglö to enjoy an evening with dinner at the famous restaurant Seagram. The chefs will prepare a surprise three course meal for you with the best fresh ingredients they have for the day. (Children will have some nice things from the kid's menu).

At the historic 18th century guesthouse Enigheten you will be accommodated and treated to a private sauna by the beach, overlooking the sunset and boats passing by. You'll sleep comfortably in double rooms and the next morning you will be served a proper breakfast buffet in the restaurant before your bike trip continues through Föglö to Överö. From Överö you will take another ferry back to Lumparland and pedal your way back to Mariehamn.


🛳 Ship to Åland

From Stockholm at 07:45

From Turku at 08:45

From Grisslehamn at 10:00

Departures from Helsinki not included

🚲 3-geared bike

Our standard bicycle is a 3-geared 28" bike of the model Helkama Ainotar, made in Finland. Comfortable to ride and with a basket in the front. This model can be upgraded to 7 gears for €30

We also have 24" kid bikes of the model Helkama Jopo, with 3 gears. This classic children's bicycle is the most popular model in Scandinavia.

If you travel with your own bicycle we will give a discount on the price.

💼 Panniers

Bike panniers with a capacity of 20 litres are included. Your empty bags can be kept when you collect the rental bikes, or stored in safe lockers in the Mariehamn ferry terminal.

🍽 3 course dinner

🛏 Double rooms

Accommodation in double rooms at Enigheten. Showers and bathrooms in separate buildings.

🔥 Private sauna

☕️ Breakfast

Breakfast is included.

Day 1: 29km biking

Mariehamn to Föglö

You travel in the morning to Åland by cruise ship from Stockholm, Turku or Grisslehamn. The journey takes 3-6 hours, and aboard you can enjoy the fresh air of the sea and a tasty breakfast or brunch buffet.

The ships arrive in the western port of the town of Mariehamn. Your rental bikes will be by the ferry terminal. Before leaving Mariehamn you can visit the Åland Maritime Museum and the sailing ship Pommern. If you want to start biking at once you can visit these sights when returning to Mariehamn.

Biking to Svinö

Biking northward through Mariehamn you'll reach a large roundabout. From there the Lemlandsvägen road continues to Svinö in the east. On your way you will pass the Lemström canal which has a bridge that opens for 15 minutes every once in a while to let boats through.

From Svinö the ship M/S Skarven departs to Degerby in Föglö. Departures are several times daily and the voyage takes 25 minutes. There is a café onboard.


Arriving in Degerby, you continue about 800 meters to the historical guesthouse Enigheten. The guesthouse was founded in the 17th century by the Swedish king and has been rebuilt and restored to continue as a B&B to this day. You will sleep in comfortable double rooms. After checking in you can enjoy the beach sauna in private and prepare yourself for heading out.


Restaurang Seagram is a lively watering hole for islanders as well as visitors. Here the chefs will treat you to a three course meal made from the best fresh ingredients of the day. In the weekends during summer there will often be balls or musical entertainment, continuing into the late hours.

Day 2: 45km biking

Föglö to Mariehamn

You'll start the day with breakfast at Enigheten before leaving Degerby to bike through Föglö. The asphalted country road is sparsely trafficked and runs along farm fields and forests. We recommend a detour to visit the Föglö church, made in stone. The islands of Föglö are connected by a bridge in Degersund and a cable ferry in Embarsund. From there your road continues to Överö. Along the way you can walk the 7km long nature trail in Jyddö.

Degersund videoDegersund panorama

There are several ferry departures daily from Överö to Långnäs, so you can select one that suits you best from our travel program. From Långnäs you'll bike back to Mariehamn the same way that you came. If you're early you can visit the old estate Pellas or look at nice paintings at the Önningeby museum. If you want to stay a night in Mariehamn before leaving, let us know and we'll book a room at a nice hotel for you.

If you want to bike a bit less you can instead take the same ferry back from Degerby to Svinö.

Sunset by the sauna at Enigheten Föglö kyrka, picture: Phillip Wiedemann Typical island road in Åland, picture: 2lovecycling Cable ferry in Embarsund Swim break in Överö, picture: Ilona Pylvaenaeinen Ferry in Överö picture: Jenni Avéllan-Jansson Överö seen from the ferry Painting at Önningeby museum Sunnan II in the eastern harbour, picture: Lina Eskils

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