Fishing in Kökar for a week

This package deal gives you an entire week to enjoy the sea, islands, calm bays, and comfortable living in cosy cabins by the seafront. Bring your car on the ferry from Sweden, Finland or Estonia and come to Hellsö in Kökar for a week of fishing!

You will have two boats with outboard engines at your disposal, as well as fishing licenses covering a vast area. Your hosts Sune and Åsa will take good care of you and arrange for breakfast in the mornings if you wish.

There is a wood fired beach sauna at the establishment and one hour of sauna is already included in this deal. There is also a fish smoker at your disposal. Kökar is an island with shops, restaurants and sights within a close distance.

Prices are calculated for groups of at least 4 persons.


🛳 Ferry to Åland

⛴ Ferry to Kökar

🏡 Cabin 32m²

🧺 Bed linen

🚣‍♂️ 🚣‍♂️ 2 boats

🎟 Fishing licenses

🔥 Beach sauna


☕️ Breakfast

Travelling to Åland

Your package includes return trip ferry tickets for 4 persons and a car to Åland. Departure is available from these ports:

  • Stockholm

  • Kapellskär

  • Grisslehamn

  • Turku

  • Galtby

  • Aboard the ferry you can have nice meals in the restaurants or buffets, and do some duty free shopping. After arriving in Mariehamn, you have a 30 minute drive to Långnäs, where you will board a smaller ferry to Kökar. The Kökar ferry takes a couple of hours and you can enjoy the great views from the sundeck or from inside the saloon.


    You will stay in a spacious, two bedroom cabin of 32m². Cabins are equipped with electrical stoves, ovens, fridges and kitchen sinks. There is also a washing room in the cabin. Bathrooms and showers are in a communal building nearby.

    Cabins are 50-100 meters from the beachfront. On the grounds there is a wood fired beach sauna, as well as a fish smoker. One evening of sauna is included in your package, but it is possible to arrange for more with your hosts.

    Guests clean their own cabins and do their own dishes. Bed linen, towels and hygienic tissue is included in your price.


    Fishing licenses are included for the whole week and cover the Hellsö fishing area. Your hosts will provide maps of the area. You will have two boats with 4hp outboard engines at your disposal, so you can find the best fishing spots.

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