Boat tours in the Åland Islands


Seal safari

Get out on this tour and look at the seals as they laze and tumble about on the skerries in the sun, dive into the water and pop their heads up to take a look arond. These seal safaris take about 4 hours and if you are a group of four or more you can order dinner, which is prepared onboard with local ingredients while you enjoy looking at the seals. This tour departs from Brändö in the northern part of Åland and we can help you with travel and accommodation if you wish.

🍽 Dinner at sea ( optional )

☀️ Day trip

€250 per group Show

Boat charter in Åland

Charter a boat & captain

Pick and choose among our different destinations and let us offer you a customized boat tour! We'll tailor a trip that fits perfectly for your interests and schedule - no matter if it's for a week or just a day. The captain has comfortable cabins for four passengers aboard and if your group is larger we'll arrange rooms in hotels on the islands along your route. Breakfast and other meals are served aboard - or on one of the many island restaurants if you prefer.

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Kobba Klintar boat visit

Visit to Kobba Klintar

This station was constructed to guide ships into the newly founded town of Mariehamn, during the reign of czar Alexander II. Pilots would live on this island and enter visiting ships as they approached, helping them to navigate the treacherous passage to Mariehamn. A lighthouse was soon constructed here as well. For over 100 years the pilots the station was manned. Now it serves as a historic landmark and a great place to visit from Mariehamn.

⏱ 30 min from Mariehamn

☀️ Day trip

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Kökar boat tour

Island cruising: four days

The Åland Islands have to be experienced by boat - at least if you ask the natives!

With this tour package you get four days of cruising among the islands on your private charter boat with an experienced skipper. You will be welcomed aboard the boat Åland Explorer in the eastern harbour of Mariehamn and shown the very best of Åland during four days and three nights.

🌒 Liveabord

🍽 Meals aboard

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Enigheten in Degerby

Evening trip Degerby

Degerby in Föglö was the most important port in Åland before Mariehamn was founded. Sailing ships and steamers would haul this port on their journeys between Finland and Sweden, to get piloting help and declare customs. Your trip departs from Mariehamn and brings you through beautiful archipelago during 1,5h until you arrive in Degerby, at the historic guesthouse Enigheten.

This guesthouse - which also served as a courthouse - was founded in the 17th century. Here we serve you a classic Nordic two course dinner. After dinner, it is time to enjoy a sauna by the beach, before leaving to return to Mariehamn.

🍽 2 course dinner

🔥 Beach sauna

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Boat tour to Kastelholm castle

Day trip to Kastelholm

Visit the only castle in Åland and peek out through the same window that king Gustav I once scouted from, or breathe the chilly air of the same prison cell where king Erik XIV was held.

Åland Explorer brings you from Mariehamn to the Kastelholm marina, a short walk from the castle. You'll have plenty of time to explore the castle and visit nearby restaurants before returning to Mariehamn.

☕️ Snack included

🎟 Castle entry

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Rödhamn (Red harbour) is the last bastion before the vast expanse of the southern Baltic sea. In summertime, this place is very popular for people to visit. There is a small sand beach for the kids, a café with beer and wine for the grown-ups and an old radio beacon that everybody can visit. See how many of the rock carvings made by the sailors of old you can find. The sailors would carve names, crests and sundials while waiting for better weather to make the crossing. Your trip takes 45 minutes from Mariehamn and the stay is 4-5 hours.

☕️ Snacks onboard

☀️ Day trip

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Seglinge island

Day trip to Seglinge

The island of Seglinge is a little pearl in the middle of the Åland archipelago and with this tour you will have a day full of activities and leisure. Your trip starts in port town Mariehamn, where you board a motoryacht for a fantastic journey at sea and among islands. Arriving in Seglinge you will be served lunch in the marina and then be given some bikes to bring you to the discgolf-course nearby for a match! Later there will be a visit to a small lake for swimming and a picninc, before leaving for Mariehamn on your boat.

☕️ Coffee onboard

🍽 Lunch

🥧 Picnic

🥏 Discgolf

🚲 Bikes

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