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Have your own tailored boat tour in Åland, with as many or as few destinations that you like! We will create a route and an offer according to your wishes and dates - no matter if you want to go for a cruise for a week or just go on a day trip. There is space for four passengers to sleep on the boat and if you are more people we will arrange for staying in hotels or guesthouses on the islands you visit. Breakfast and other meals are served onboard - or at the island restaurants if you prefer.

Your boat is 10 meters long, built in Sweden and equipped with refrigerator, shower, WC and a dining mess. Your skipper knows all the secret passageways among the islands and can tell you all about the places you visit - and tell some tall tales as well.

All our tours are guaranteed and fully refundable if you cancel no later than one week before departure - no questions asked. We can also help you to arrange the trip to Åland.

Marhällan by Kobba Klintar

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Björkö is an idyllic island in the southern archipelago, where traditions from the 18th century live on.

Here you will find a traditional homestead preserver in its original condition. The island is also a nature reserve with a beautiful walking trail and an outlook tower.

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Björkör in Föglö archipelago

Bomarsund ruins

Just a few kilometers from Kastelholm, heading towards Vårdö, lays in ruins the fortress of Bomarsund. Construction of the stronghold started in 1832, when Åland was part of Russia, but only became half completed before the british navy unleashed an assult on it during the Crimean war of 1854. After a major battle, involving 14 000 soldiers and 80 ships, the Russians were forced to surrender. The british navy blew up the fortress and today only the ruins remain.

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Bomarsund ruins


In the North Western part of Åland you find the island Boxö. This island was fortified by the Russians during the imperial era of the Czars, and had a bridge and railroad tracks. During Word War One, large artillery cannons were placed here, but activity here ceased in 1919 when Åland was beginning to be demilitarized.

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Boxö island


In the island Eklinge in the North Eastern archipelago you can find the open air museum Hermas. This is the oldest preserved homestead in Åland, where you can see how life was among common people about a hundred years ago. Until 1973 this villa was inhabited. Inside the tiny houses you can look at unique decorations and household items preserved in a very good condition.

Hermas homestead


In the South West of the archipelago you'll find the islands of Kökar. Protected from storms and waves lies the village Karlby in a bay. Here we'll stop by for a while in the marina, so you can visist the seafront hotel Brudhäll. Karlby is a must to visit if you want to enjoy a little bit of luxury.

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Karlby marina in Kökar

Kastelholm castle

The castle in Kastelholm is one of the most visited attractions in Åland. The first castle was built here in the 14th century and Nordic kings have been housed here, or imprisioned - as in the case of Eric XIV. You can arrive by boat right next to the castle and walk ashore for a visit. There are other museums within walking distance.

Kastelholm castle by boat

Kobba Klintar

After the town of Mariehamn was founded by czar Alexander II, pilots were required to guide ships in and out of port. A cabin for the pilots was built on the islet Kobba Klintar. Pilots stationed here would come aboard incoming ships to guide them safely to Mariehamn. A few years later a lighthouse was erected. Today the Kobba Klintar rocks are still the first land to be sighted by visitors arriving by ferry from Sweden.

Kobba Klintar


This beautiful island sits in Kökar in the outer archipelago. An eccentric baron made this barren island his home during the 20th century and used the aid of the local population to erect classical statues, cultivate a garden, build a house and construct a harbor, everything by manual labor.

Källskär in Kökar

Hamnö in Kökar

In Hamnö in Kökar there is a medieval stone church, tributed to Saint Anna. The first historical record of this church was in 1544, but it is believed that construction was started already in the 14th century. Signs of activity in this place are as old as from the 13th century. Ruins from an old monastery have been excavated nearby the church

Hamnö in Kökar


The canal in Lemström was dug by hand by prisoner during the time when Åland and Finland was a part of the Russian empire. In 1882 the canal was widened and its sides clad with red granite slabs. The reason for enlarging the canal was to try to encourage the civilian population to trade eastward instead of with Sweden.

Lemström canal


North East in the archipelago, this beautiful island is a hidden treasure. The island is a protected natural area and has a rich bird life. There is a cabin here with bunks for two persons. Everybody is welcome to spend the night.

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Länsmansgrund island


Rannö, or Rannörarna as it's really called, is in the extreme northern point of Åland territorial waters. There are several abandoned herring fishing camps here and Rannö was historically the most important fishing camp in northern Åland. Guaranteed to make you in a historical mood when walking about.

Rannörarna islands


This tiny group of islands South West of Mariehamn is well worth a visit! In the 18th century a tavern was opened on one of the islands, to serve and accommodate sailors. This business ended with the introduction of steam ships. During the 19th century Rödhamn instead became a place for pilots and their families, replaced in the 20th century by a radio beacon, which today still stands as a museum.

Rödhamn island


This is a bay in Kökar with a little marina, a swimming beach and cottages. Here they rent out bikes, rowing boats and kayaks. Some hiking trails and historical sights are nearby. A nice stop on the way, or why not stay the night?

Sandvik bay


The island of Sottunga is one of the smallets communities in Finland, with less than 100 inhabitants. During peak summer the harbour and restaurant Salteriet turns into a lively hub full of tourists arriving by island ferries and natives coming to visit with their own boats. Walk a bit inland and you can visit the nice little wooden church built here in the beginning of the 18th century.

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Sottunga island


In the northern archipelago of Saltvik lies the island Saggö, with smooth and red granite shores. Enjoying the sunset sitting on the sun-heated rock is an amazing experience. If you're more adventurous you can go see if you can find the ruins of the old russian coastal artillery.

Saggö island


Just 10 minutes by boat from Mariehamn lies Klosterviken, also called Kapellviken. This is a popular destination for young people wanting to have a party, as well as families going for a swim. You can anchor by the shallow beach to let the kids splash about or dive into the sea from the cliffs. Who of you dares to jump from the 16 meter cliff?

Klosterviken bay


In Sältingskär in the Föglö archipelago there is a uniquely preserved fishing camp, where the shacks have stood the test of time to this day. People fishing for herring would sleep in the houses on this island during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Sältingskär island


This harbour village in Föglö was the largest community in Åland before the Russian empress founded the city Mariehamn. For hundreds or even thousands of years, sailing ships would seek port here en route between Sweden and Finland. Here you can visit the historic guesthouse and courthouse Enigheten, founded by orders of the Swedish king hundreds of years ago.

Degerby village

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